Top 10 Reasons

Choosing the right company to process your credit card transactions is very important. In addition to looking for the best rates possible, you need to find a company that is honest and has the resources and staff available to assist you with all of your needs. By signing up to process with MSB, you can be assured that all of these needs will be covered. A look at just some of the reasons to sign up with MSB will make your search for a processor much easier.

1. Increase Business Earnings

When businesses start accepting credit cards, studies shows that business will typically see immediate increase in sales volume. Also take an advantage of impulse buyers with studies showing 80% of impulse purchases are done through credit cards.

2. Legitimacy

Displaying your Visa/MasterCard Logo on your window will give your business a sense of authenticity and responsibility. Customers will know that purchasing through your business will be safe and reliable.

3. Competition

The standard for most successful businesses is to accept credit cards. If your competition accepts credit cards then it is imperative that you keep up. You do not want to lose your customers to your competition because they accept credit cards and you don’t.

4. Multiple Programs to Fit Your Business Needs

MSB offers a vast array of programs to fit your business needs and demands. From Internet processing to new cutting edge terminals and iPhone systems, MSB has the technology that can optimize your business processing solution.

5. Over 20 Years Experience

MSB has been exceeding and setting the gold standard for credit card processing for over 20 years. With the unpredictable nature of owning a business MSB has the experience to accommodate and react to unforeseen demands of your business.

6. Lowest Rates Possible

MSB can offer you the lowest rates possible - rates as low as 1.19% - and monthly statement fees of just $5.00. We also have the means to match and beat any honest quote.

7. 24/7 Customer Support and Technical Support

MSB offers your business reliable and award winning customer services and technical support.

8. Same Day Approval

With a quick and simple application process MSB can get your business up and running in no time. Also with our experience and dedicated underwriters we approve 95% of business applications.

9. Free Equipment

MSB understands that starting out a new business or taking on the new challenge of accepting credit cards can seem daunting and expensive. That is why MSB can offer your business free equipment that will cater to what your business needs.

10. Secured Payments

MSB prides itself on setting the trend to new and cutting edge technology. However we also pride ourselves on keeping up with the importance of business security and confidentiality. We are VISA PCI compliance so you can rest assures that your credit card transaction are safe and secure.

MSB is committed to getting you the lowest rates and providing you with the best experience possible. Our sales reps are waiting by the phones to help you start taking advantage of everything that MSB has to offer. Don’t wait any longer to start expanding your business!